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Traditional 7 day knot candles can be used for wishing purposes or fix 7 issues in your love or on a target.
this candle is called a "7-knob Wishing Candle" and traditionally has been used to make 7 different wishes towards the same situation. You make the wish, burn that knob. When that knob burns down, you can then make a different wish (or perhaps even the same wish again)
return your lover, ex husband or wife or
- just don't want to see your ex happy with someone new or
- yDisclaimer: By law I am required to state that all spells and paranormal objects are sold for "entertainment purposes" only. You must be 18 or older to purchase. I am not liable for any paranormal effects that may or may not happen. This purchase is not a substitute for legal, financial, medical or psychiatric help. You agree to these terms and understand them when making your purchase.


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