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This listing includes a reading and a mojo custom made.

A money mojo will include a financial reading moving foward. 

Mojo bags are powerful allies in magic. Your mojo bag is only for you to see and touch. No one else can touch or see it. Your mojo has its own name that you can use to speak to it and ask for its direct assistance at any time. For the first week you’ll want to keep the mojo against your skin at all times. This lets the mojo become accustomed to your scent. I advise clients to tuck it into their underwear, or even into their sock. You must sleep with it too. (You can safety-pin it to the underside of your pillow too, if you need to.) Do not wear it while bathing or swimming (you want to keep it dry). After that first week, you no longer need to keep the mojo bag right up against your skin. You may keep it in your pocket, in your book bag, in your purse or in your dresser drawer at home. I recommend you carry it with you when you specifically want its magical effects around you.

Custom Mojo Bag

  • Please provide me with information about your desired effect and I will custom make you a mojo bag. When ordering, provide me with your email address, mailing address and a contact number. I will be updating you along the way.

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