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"As a card reader with my other abilities , I will tell you the truth only  not just what you want to hear to make you happy. I do see things which may be hidden from you, and when I see them, I reveal them  which is kept secret from you. I will not sugar-coat the situation just to keep you coming back for more readings. I provide my clients with accurate clairvoyant , remote viewing and intuitive psychic readings, using various decks of  tarot cards and a scrying methods as reading tools. As a Conjure man I also work  with the Bible  calling on Angels and summoning spirits. As a Medicine Man, I will prescribe special teas, home made oils,  incense, spirtitual baths for you to use at your home while I  pray for you using psalms and cast powerful  spells for you at  your discretion  in my very own altar room. I can perform work to clear away issues and negative energy, protection, and marriage work either from a far distance , your home or whereever you are to reach you . I Aside from offering my services and help also offer a Begginers class for those who want to open their Third eye to awkaen the deep mind.  As a conjure man with many years of experience, I work in a timely manner as rootworker . I might seem cocky or have a sense of humor with no worries becasue I am that good a what I do. I so things in the old ways more powerful. I can make you a mojo bag or even  prepare  doll babbies  some called them Voodoo dolls . I enjoy puppet magic to influence another  or based  on your needs, or nurned custom vigil candles for you on the Altar table at night by moonlight. I am profiecient with high success rates in Love, Curses, Money and Court Spells. 

Hello! I would like to personally thank you for visiting my website as I open doors to a new generation of clients and lifetime friends. I am an old-fashioned and traditional hereditary reader and conjure medicine man living and working in Southern States.  A historian with a college degree and occult specialist. I enjoy writing scary stories and working on horror projects. Ancestors dating back to shaman tribes.  I have been practicing my passion and working on my talent at a very young age that progressed for many years and continue to spread hope to those affected in tragedy and dispair. I come from a line of readers, shaman and medicine men. Growing up in a family surrounded by abilities was not always easy as child like tasks were not easily hidden but swiftly noted. As I grew around magick and felt at home surrounded by it, I pledged to become no different than a doctor. But unlike your typical doctor who heals physically, I heal internally. My life has been very fulfilling but misfortunes have guided me to become a better practicioner and understand the pain my clients are suffering in times of need. While very understanding, I pride myself in conducting business in a very professional manner and I am very serious about my craft. It is my life. My craft is often considered slow and steady but most of all long lasting. I have learned that slow and steady wins the game. The results to my craft are not always immediate but I have had many happy clients who were lucky to receive full manefestation in just a few days in my many years of practicing. 


My online career started off with eBay in which I received hundreds of positive reviews. I quickly shifted my focus on Etsy as its popularity rose. After gaining much exposure and many friendships on both sites, I decided on launching my very own site for easier access and up to date posts concerning my work. Join me in this journey of reaching your full and maximum potential as we grow together spirtually and emotionally. I consider it my duty to help you out of horrible times and lead you to a brighter and bigger future. Let's join forces and let our power awaken us! 



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