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50 Year Old Tested Tried and True

Black Magic Spell Necromancy


to cause headaches,

mental breakdown,

and obsession.


This is NOT a Love Spell used for Revenge and Retribution on a target

to drive them insane and cause headaches. This spell uses a real animal skull alone with

 Obsession, Command, Goofer,Crossing and Hexing formula.

Can be used on an ex lover, boss, troubled person that will not go way such as harrassing. 

to take your revenge for you. They will track your enemy no matter where they are. All it needs to know is their name and they will have their target. This will effect them in DEVASTATING ways.

Your revenge will be had.

Odds are, if you have been wronged at anytime in your life, you still feel it. This is because your karma is imbalanced. DO NOT let this continue. Bad things will continue to happen if you allow your karma to be imbalanced. This is how you take control of your life and the things that happen to you.

Let the powerful spirits take control of your enemy!

Let your spirits dominate your abuser!

Destroy their lives!

Show them you are SUPERIOR!

Do not ignore your inner emotions. Our modern lives and technology suppress our most inner desires and natures. Do not be a victim to the overlords any longer! You should feel the satisfaction that only a Vampiric entity's revenge can give. 

Allow the spirit realm to cross into yours!

This spell can be cast upon you or ANY person of your choosing! If someone you know is in need of magick intervention, this will help!

This is your chance to experience an AUTHENTIC spell casting!

You will see the results!

This is a Black Magick spell and no harm will come to you because I will cast an additional protection spell for you. 
Show them you are NOT to be messed with!

This spell works directly on whoever you wish it cast upon. Do not doubt the spell’s ability to bring your own, unique revenge to your enemy. If you desire to see your enemy be harmed, this will help you. I have helped scores with their troubles. Now is my chance to help you!



  • Of course you have to agree to my PURHCASE POLICY PAGE In order to cast this spell, I will need a photograph of the target(s) and all involved whether it be you or other people and all birthdays of those to be included in the casting along with place of residence or place of birth if easily acquired. If you have personal belongings which are often used in love spells, please mail them to me. 
    After your spell has been cast, I will send you an email within two business days. I will keep you updated with the ritual, signs of success or problems along with a detailed report with photographs of the ritual. Please keep such photographs to yourself as you should be the only one whom has laid eyes on them until the spell has fully manifested. Do not share details or tell anyone that you have had a spell cast for you as it will slow progress. Do not stalk the spell by focusing your energy on it. It is better to forget that the spell has been cast. It is a well known phenomenon that when you stop thinking of the spell, it will fully manifest. By doing otherwise, it will take longer for it to fulfill your wishes especially when spirits are involved as they do not like to see you doubt their abilities. Respect the spirits and have faith in them. You will see results. It is only up to you how soon these results will occur and up to your target. Nothing is written in stone and our future changes each day by our decisions and the effects of others. Although, the possibility of the spell not manifesting due to a change of events is rare. The timing is all up in the hands of a greater force and the will of those targeted. My spells WILL work but if no results have been noted or seen in 90 days, I will be more than happy to recast free of charge until full manifestation has been fulfilled. Please contact me in the case of such event.
    All transactions are final by the law of entertainment. 
     Each buyer makes a purchase at his or her own risk. No items sold on this site, or information provided on this site, are meant as a substitute for professional, financial, legal, medical, psychiatric, or psychological advice, diagnosis, prevention, or treatment. No items sold on this site, or information provided on this site, are meant as a cure for any mental or physical problem or disease. This disclaimer applies to any written or verbal communication we have with anyone about this listing. I put all my energy and time along with wisdom and talent to perform and pray over your spells repeatedly to make sure you are satisfied and times of tragedy and need are no longer. Refunds or exchanges are not offered. Make sure you trust your intuition and choose a spell and ritual that is fit to your needs. During times of doubt, you may have a rootwork consultation to make sure you make the right decision.

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