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Intranquil Spirit Candle

7 Day  Vigil Glass Candle Fixed/Loaded  with oils, herbs, powders, etc

This candle will be customized with you and your target to be charged,


To return a lost lover




* Cross and prayer 

O, Intranquil Spirit, 
you that in Hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven, 
hear me, o, hear me.

I want you to grasp the five senses of [name of lover] 
and do not let [him/her] rest in peace, 
neither seated nor standing, 
        waking nor sleeping,
that [he/she] should think only of 
   seeing me, 
   smelling me, 
   hearing me,
   tasting me, 
   and touching me, 
that [he/she] should find [himself/herself] 
as desperate as the waters of the seas 
and as torn as the wind in the storm 
until [he/she] returns to me, 

that [he/she] should run and run 
until [he/she] humbly falls at my feet 
because nobody will help [him/her], 

and that neither a divorced [woman/man] 
         nor a married [woman/man], 
         a [widow/widower], 
         nor a virgin [woman/man],
shall ever love [him/her], 
but only me and me alone.

[Name of lover], 
i conjure you 
before the cross and God Almighty, 
that you are to run after me 
        as the living run after the cross 
        and the dead run after the light.




Intranquil Spirit Fixed Candle Custom

  • Candle can take 1-3 to fix and  then I ship first class / priority mail.

    After purchse please send details via email  of intention to fixed into the candle. 

    Of course you have to agree to my PURHCASE POLICY PAGE.
    All transactions are final by the law of entertainment. I put all my energy and time along with wisdom and talent to perform and pray over your spells repeatedly to make sure you are satisfied and times of tragedy and need are no longer. Refunds or exchanges are not offered. Make sure you trust your intuition and choose a spell and ritual that is fit to your needs. During times of doubt, you may have a rootwork consultation to make sure you make the right decision.

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