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This is part 2 from the Love Me Or Else spell with the root.

This spell is makes your target Love You and stuck in a trance that they have to obey you or else. You want to look at you different. This maybe whats needed to draw them back to you if they see you as a different person or see something in you that didn't see before.

This is a full 9 day spell worked back to back 9 whole days asking the witch to bewitch your target.

Bewitching is an old hoodoo formula for oil, incense, sachet powders, and bath crystals that are designed to create mystery, fascination and sexual allure. This listing is the full ritual to bewitch your life as you work the root that was given in part 1 Love Me Or Else. It can be utilized in spells to create a curious interest in those you meet or worn on the body to increase your own personal allure among those you already know.

You to seduce them with this spell and you want them to see you ina different light or you are their light at the end of the tunnel.

This will get into their head using the witch (seen in lisitng photo) .to put them in the trance. Make you appear the answer to their problems.

Love Me Or Else Part 2 BEWITCH

  • Of course you have to agree to my PURHCASE POLICY PAGE In order to cast this spell, I will need a photograph of the target(s) and all involved whether it be you or other people and all birthdays of those to be included in the casting along with place of residence or place of birth if easily acquired. If you have personal belongings which are often used in love spells, please mail them to me. 
    After your spell has been cast, I will send you an email within two business days. I will keep you updated with the ritual, signs of success or problems along with a detailed report with photographs of the ritual. Please keep such photographs to yourself as you should be the only one whom has laid eyes on them until the spell has fully manifested. Do not share details or tell anyone that you have had a spell cast for you as it will slow progress. Do not stalk the spell by focusing your energy on it. It is better to forget that the spell has been cast. It is a well known phenomenon that when you stop thinking of the spell, it will fully manifest. By doing otherwise, it will take longer for it to fulfill your wishes especially when spirits are involved as they do not like to see you doubt their abilities. Respect the spirits and have faith in them. You will see results. It is only up to you how soon these results will occur and up to your target. Nothing is written in stone and our future changes each day by our decisions and the effects of others. Although, the possibility of the spell not manifesting due to a change of events is rare. The timing is all up in the hands of a greater force and the will of those targeted. All transactions are final by the law of entertainment. 
     Each buyer makes a purchase at his or her own risk. No items sold on this site, or information provided on this site, are meant as a substitute for professional, financial, legal, medical, psychiatric, or psychological advice, diagnosis, prevention, or treatment. No items sold on this site, or information provided on this site, are meant as a cure for any mental or physical problem or disease. This disclaimer applies to any written or verbal communication we have with anyone about this listing. I put all my energy and time along with wisdom and talent to perform and pray over your spells repeatedly to make sure you are satisfied and times of tragedy and need are no longer. Refunds or exchanges are not offered. Make sure you trust your intuition and choose a spell and ritual that is fit to your needs. During times of doubt, you may have a rootwork consultation to make sure you make the right decision.

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