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1/2 Ounce

Old time Tested, Tried and True

Mars Planetary Conjure Oil

Herbs and Materials cooresponding to the planet Mars

Old time Tested, Tried and True
ars is known as the red planet. Mars in Sanskrit is known as Lohitang for its shiny red colour. Mars is the planet of violence, action, sex, and extremely fiery. Mars is the commander in chief of the assembly of the Gods. Mars is personified as a masculine in nature, dressed as a warrior, and riding a ram. Mars is famous for its courage, a strong sense of purpose, duty, order, discipline, bravery, patience and self confidence. Mars is considered as a malefic planet and the natives of these are very egoistic who put their own desires above those of others. Mars influence makes them short tempered, argumentative, cruel, violent, restless and unsteady. They are capable of harming any one and at any cost and even their associations. Mars also creates problems in martial life. Mars is related to blood, immune system of the body, bone marrow, and sexual drive. Mars provides strength and related to well-being.

Element Fire

Can be used to add speed or fire to any work.

Can be used as hot gambling hand.




Mars Planetary Conjure Oil


    ( Do Not Ingest not eatable ! Not for Children, external use only).

    Instructions are included .

    When ordering single powders or oils send email for which one type listed below or I will send you and email asking which powder or oil you desire*

    When ordering  more than one powder send email or contact me which powders you desire for the order. 

    ** If you don't see specific powder feel free to contact and I can make it**

    Shipping time my vary normally shipped within 1-3 days** That's after the powder is made which  can take a few days then I ship the item and proof**

    Under Legal Law I make no claims for my products - all are sold as curios  and use for entertainment purposes only.****

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