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This ritual is for a custom spell done under the Snow full moon in Virgo this Friday, February 24, 2024 to fit your situation.

Virgo energy loves everything CLEAN and With High Standards.  This special placement in our timeline gives this Full Moon a strong purge energy. We are clearing from the inside out, and we have the Virgin Goddess to guide us.Virgo is represented by the Virgin Goddess, which is a symbol of independence, inner strength, and wellness. The Virgin Goddess knows how to put herself first and make her body her temple. She knows that within her lives a forever-flowing source of wisdom, intuition, and personal power. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW!New moon single. night casting only and not to be substitute for any other castings or listings. .So, if you need to: bring something new, start new endeavors, bind your love, money, fertility, banish someone or any other thing your heart desires, this spell is for you


Healing energy is also strong under the Virgo Full Moon, especially healing that is related to the nourishment of our body. We must look after our bodies, so if you have been burning the candle at both ends or ignoring the symptoms your body is sending you, it will be time to step up and take action.

The supportive vibrations of the Virgo Full Moon will amplify your efforts and act as a motivator, so use its energy to empower yourself to change your diet, start a new workout plan, or finally seek the help of a healer or medical professional.

Powerful Virgo Full Moon Custom

  • In order to cast this spell, I will need a photograph of the target(s) and all involved whether it be you or other people and all birthdays of those to be included in the casting along with place of residence or place of birth if easily acquired. If you have personal belongings which are often used in love spells, please mail them to me. 

    After your spell has been cast, I will send you an email within two business days. I will keep you updated with the ritual, signs of success or problems along with a detailed report with photographs of the ritual. Please keep such photographs to yourself as you should be the only one whom has laid eyes on them until the spell has fully manifested. Do not share details or tell anyone that you have had a spell cast for you as it will slow progress. Do not stalk the spell by focusing your energy on it. It is better to forget that the spell has been cast. It is a well known phenomenon that when you stop thinking of the spell, it will fully manifest. By doing otherwise, it will take longer for it to fulfill your wishes especially when spirits are involved as they do not like to see you doubt their abilities. Respect the spirits and have faith in them. You will see results. It is only up to you how soon these results will occur and up to your target. Nothing is written in stone and our future changes each day by our decisions and the effects of others. Although, the possibility of the spell not manifesting due to a change of events is rare. The timing is all up in the hands of a greater force and the will of those targeted. My spells WILL work but if no results have been noted or seen in 90 days, I will be more than happy to recast free of charge until full manifestation has been fulfilled. Please contact me in the case of such event.

    All transactions are final by the law of entertainment. I put all my energy and time along with wisdom and talent to perform and pray over your spells repeatedly to make sure you are satisfied and times of tragedy and need are no longer. Refunds or exchanges are not offered. Make sure you trust your intuition and choose a spell and ritual that is fit to your needs. During times of doubt, you may have a rootwork consultation to make sure you make the right decision.

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