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Protection Jar

Protection is vital before and after any spiritual working. You can never have enough protection! I always preach protect yourself from any harm. Any harm meaning from psychic attacks, hexes, curses, crossing, physical harm, etc.

Protection Jar spells are one of the oldest forms of magical protection that's been around since time itself. Below I will explain how to make your own protection jar and materials needed. Made my way for REALRESULTS! If you can't or don't want to make one, I can make one for you.

You will need:

A clear glass jar with lid. Small to medium jars are best but if you desire to use a larger one you may.

9 to 12 inch black string or chord. Used to tie up evil or negativity. You are going to tie 9 knots apart from each other. While tying each knot say" Protect me from any harm'. After tying the last knot place it in your jar.

9, 13, or more rusty nails* . Adding Vinegar can rust nails if you can't find any already rusted. Rusty blades, bend pins, broken glass. Anything sharp and rusty that can go in your jar. The purpose of these nasty materials are to cut away any harm, evil, curses, etc. If you can add broken pieces of mirror do so. Broken pieces of mirror will send any evil cast on you back to the sender.

Add a little silver glitter to your protection jar to make you invincible to evil and your enemy..

Sea salt and Black salt is used best for this spell. You can also use regular table salt or pink salt. Always pray or chant over each item to protect you.

I add herbs to my jars for protection,


Rosemary is used for protection. You can use either dried or fresh. Don't forget to pray or chant telling it to protect you.

If you don't have Rosemary , use any other herbs you have in your kitchen.

Garlic, All spice , Bay leaf, Thyme , Sage, etc If you have them all you may all them all. If you don't have any of these herbs you don't have to add them. Adding herbs are just a boost for extra strength.

Coin- Penny or Dime. I always add one to offer to the spirit or angel I all upon to protect me

Your own personal concerns: Used so your spell can identify you are the one being protecting.

A few drops of blood. prick on the finger. Most people will use diabetic pen needles/ lancets for safety reasons - optional but most potent

You may use your nail trimmings from your fingers or toes .


Once you have completed this, you can put the lid on tight. Make sure no leaks are coming from the jar.

Activating your jar!

Charge or Bless your candles first. You can pray or anoint them asking for protection.

You may burn a white candle or black candle on top of it.

Burn a black candle on top to remove any evil or negativity,

Burn a white candle op top for a ring of protection.

Don't forget to pray or chant asking for protection.

I always pray Psalms 91 for all protection.

If working against enemies I pray Psalms 70.

Tapers, or votives can be used. It can be small or big. If you are using tea lights , you can remove the candle from the foil or tin can. *** Always use caution when burning candles making sure the area is safe. No children around and use come sense with anything involving fire to prevent danger

You can do the burning process 1 , 3 or many times you feel drawn to do. After you can either bury your jar on your property or you can keep it in your home in a undisturbed place for safe keeping.

Legal Disclaimer***

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase or use

any of the items at this site. All items sold here and all information provided here are for entertainment purposes only.I am not liable for any paranormal effects that may or may not happen.


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