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Are You Cursed? The signs and symptoms of a curse/ hex

Can someone put a curse on You? Are curses, hexes, crossings real? What if they are not workers?


A curse is like a VIRUS that spreads and causes problems to shut down your life.

A rootwork consultation is recommended first if you are not sure.

1. The first sign is normally your mental health starts to break down. Let's look at a Curse like a living thing sent to destroy. Negative energy can manifest just like positive energy can.

All of the time we have people that are jealous or just have some much HATE for you. Hate can transform into real life conditions.

For example, in the workplace we all have co-workers or people who don't like you for whatever reason. Their hatred (unspoken curse/The Evil Eye) being thrown at you to suffer, lose your job , and wishing all kinds of harm your way. All you do at this point is worry day and night about them losing sleep then maye your job or life.

Out of nowhere some shadow of down and fear tells you to look over your shoulder or have a feeling to look out the window blinds. Energy was sent.

Now most people grab evil eye charms or protection oils which are effective up to a point. It's an ongoing problem and this evil jealous person is still making you miserable. Sometimes the evil eye charm and oil you keep using stops working.

This person has built up a resistance to those charms and oil?

Now what? How do I stop? Either you can banish work done or strong protection spells from them so they can no longer harm you.

2. The second sign is your DIGESTIVE system or stomach all of the sudden having problems.

You know the old saying goes:

If it doesn't feel right in your gut or stomach it is not right at all. When we know something is wrong or bad going on it's our stomach that feels it. Never eat free stuff from strangers or even people you know. Food curses can work from within like in the old days when people come to your door or leave stuff at your doorstep.

Suggestion is a soul purging ritual.

3. Candle work

How do I know if someone is burning candles on me doing black magic?

I always first suggest a reading first that will tell more about what is going on.

Candle work being done is 1 of the stronger signs of being cursed.

At first your mind might be corrupted and always anger lashing out at everyone all of the sudden. Your focus and daily concentration is going which could lead to careless accidents.

Money Loss.All of sudden you are losing money from left to right or you have been hacked by hackers or locked out of your accounts.

You feel mentally and physically trapped, vulnerable to attacks.

Your lover has split from you or broken up. Fights and doesn't want to talk to you.

You start having pains in the body and seeing possible spirits wondering if you are losing your mind. Your friends , family, workers have withdrawn from you,

4. Unexplained illness.

Instead of road openers or blockers. First you need a strong spiritual cleansing to get rid of the curse. Second you need to work to stop the evil one that is working against you then road opener or blockbuster to have fresh starts. This could also include me sending you items after the ritual for help.

5. Sleep/ Dream Invasion

Of course nightmare or death dreams. You may beven wake up crying. I mentioned sleep loss but also if you are cursed, the person can easily invade your dreams by sending several spirits to make you restless and full of fear. Sometimes you can see or feel them touching you. Grabbing your legs , arms, and placing something over your face . Immobilization so you can't move feeling paralyzied wanting to call for help but can't.

6. This also can be the work of poppet,doll, and voodoo doll work being done. When you start FEELING something or someone is touching you DOLLWORK IS BEING DONE.

Even your name or picture of you can be used on a doll of you.

Another sign of being CURSED is seeing too bright or too dim lights. This means you are actually sending the evil black candle light in your own eyes and work is being done on you. They are praying for your demise. It's time to fight fire with fire.

This is why, crazy enough , I myself always collect my own hair clippings at the barbershop. Yes, I have a special request I tell my barber. Even if getting your nails clipped you should collect your own personal concerns or someone else will and use them. I never really sign anything if I suspect a witch is among me and I always place uncrossing powder in the soles of my shoes and at the bottom of them. They're trying to dim your light (light) but we can cancel their spell out! Remember death and sleep are cousins.

If You feel you have been CURSED and show signs. Book Now! Rootwork Consultation and Workings to free yourself and live a life of abundance. The longer you wait the longer the curse will manifest until you are no more. People who hate you have nothing but lots of time on their hands to continue their dark workings. I'm here for you always.

Your Friend and Rootworker



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