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Keep Money coming or Increase Income!

We all need Money for our needs and wands. We need money to pay our bills. It's never easy for some to keep it in our pockets and increase the amount. I will reveal ways or tricks to always have plenty of that green stuff we need. These our simple but effective tricks as they might not be as full spells. If you need something stronger I suggest you look at my Lamp workings, Money and Wealth spells.

1. Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf is a powerful herb many witches use often for protection, fast luck, court, healing, and PROSPERITY! An old trick to attract money is to take a Bay Leaf and place it next to a bill in your wallet. Make sure you tuck it in there good or you could tape it with a piece of clear tape. My own way is to take it and write your name on it. You can also draw money symbols on it. I always use a green ball point pen or regular pen. You can use black if you like.

You are going to pray or chant asking the Bay Leaf as if it were spirit to for wealth and abundance . After, then I place it in my wallet. So you can do the basic way with just placing it in your wallet next your money or you can do it my way. Either way works fine.

Another trick for a business owner is to take a Bay Leaf and place it under your cash register or on it with clear tape. You can also take a pin or nail it down in front of your door or doormat to bring in wealth.

2. Cinnamon & Ginger!

*** If you are allergic to Cinnamon or Ginger do not try***

Cinnamon & Ginger both have a long history being used to draw in fast money really quickly. They are both use to speed things up or produce fast results!

For this trick you can purchase them in the store in ground powder form (Ground Cinnamon spice and Ground Ginger). I have done this for many clients in person right after I have completed their lamp work. Take a fair amount not too much of each spice (Ground Cinnamon and Ground Ginger). Place it in the palm of your power hand. I place it in my left hand. You are going to pray or chant asking God or whoever you pray to activate them both for fast money. *** Try not to hold directly in your face that can cause you to sneeze*** Then start putting both hands together start rubbing slowing then increasing speed while saying "Bring Me Money Fast" 9 times.

Don't worry if it hits the floor. If you are worried about carpet stains or a mess you could do it over paper to catch the leftover. You can also do this in your purse or wallet if you desire . Wait a few hours if you have to wash your hands but it comes off with water.

3. Using Psalms to attract Money!

Psalms in the bible are viewed as spells too many. There are many parts that can bring you fast money and success at work.

If you are having trouble at work or need a increase of money at work.

Pray Psalms 61 for 9 nights back to back before you to bed.

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