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It's never easy getting revenge on an ex lover or someone who has stolen your lover and now they are in the arms of someone else. What do you do?

Destroy His Manhood/ Sex Extreme Ritual is done often by scorn lovers or others who wish to get justice from someone who has broken up their relationship.

The Destroy His Manhood/ Sex Extreme Spell is black magic hex placed upon the target using phallic shape candle or item. It's loaded with the man's personal concerns which can include his picture, name, birthday, clothing, blood, fluids, hair, etc.

The item is then baptized or charged from the witch's magic. Broken Glass, nails, pins, and other baneful material are added on the outside. The spell is then worked over many nights while calling out the person's name to be impotent or have a disease each night. This spell will not only stop him from cheating or having romance with others but stop sex all together. If you are just wanting the person to be faithful to you then you do a commitment or love binding.

NOTE! If you are performing this spell or having it done then You can not sleep with person anymore. He want be able to perform or if he does pain and suffering will help. Not too mention getting sick from diseases. BOOK NOW!

The longer you wait the more he cheats or starts another family.



There are womb shaped candles and there are womb shaped fruits. We use both but to get the best and nastiest effect, a pear is recommended. It also depends on what you can find doing different seasons. A dirt dauber nest can also be used.

The loading or adding process is the same with her personal concerns into the pear or candle. You must hollow it up. I have done many of the womb curses for many clients that got fast results.

You use this spell to get revenge.

This spell destroys a female sex life by cursing not able to perform, making her unattractive, fertility issues, etc

As I don't judge myself when people request this spell just understand all involved with be effected meaning if the person is trying to conceive with child. The spell is naturally powerful due the magic that happens in the womb could go either way depends on your intention.


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