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Did My Spell Back Fire?

You have to understand Human Psychology when you are doing love work and enemy work.

Understand the reason for the work which will determine if the spell will or won't work.

Many of you contact me for curses, hexes, crossing enemy work but don't think after you messed them up it's going to stop them from coming after you. Sure, you ruined their life with a revenge spell but now what about you. It doesn't matter if you hired a root worker or whoever or if you did the work yourself. That energy has to have a receiver a reason to be active. So the target comes after you because the target is still your enemy (Human Psychology).

Look at the Protection Spell work Look at the Psychology

Protection spells are apart of a drawing or attraction spell. You are protecting but at the same time drawing these people or issues to you. A lot of people think a protection spell is I'm going to build a shield around me, and no one can attack or cause any harm? Given enough energy and intensity people will get through. Don't believe me? In your house or apartment, you feel safe right? Some of you have alarm systems, guns, door locks, dogs, etc. Your enemy get through your alarm systems or they don't work. Same goes for your locks and guns. They somehow find their way in regardless of your security.

Some of you have stalkers out there and no matter what they keep coming and coming because there is something in there broken with your security. That's why they find a way through your shield or protection meaning it doesn't work.


How many of you in your everyday life or witness the more something or someone is pushed away, the more it comes to you. In reverse, the more you try to pull or attract, the more it struggles to get away from you. *** That's why some of your LOVE SPELLS DO NOT WORK.

Because you try to pull someone to you who doesn't want to be with you and they struggle hard to stay away.* Understand your target and the psychology of it before doing work and the targets you work on. You work on their natural inclination.

Referring back to protection work when doing so, your enemy or hater will come to you since they want to harm you then you make them pay. If the enemy is going to come to you, your protection spell should make them come in a trap to mess them selves up. Remember people in the world learn through pain. WORK WITH THE NATURAL ENERGY OF SOMEONE IS HOW YOU GET RESULTS.


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